Aerial photography & videography are clearly top of the list of what we do.


Whether you're looking to promote your business or are working on a project that needs some aerial imaging, delivering this kind of output is right up our street. We can provide raw, unedited images and video footage, or a more polished product using our photo and video editing skills. If you're looking for a more complete finished product, we partner with Palindromicals who specialise in film, ads, promos, infomercials, corporate films, screenplays, books, copy-writing, and podcasts.


We also carry out aerial surveying - from roofs to chimney stacks, we can provide high definition images, video footage and 360° images for you to review in the safety and comfort of your own home or office. We can also provide a real-time on-location live feed of what the SUA is imaging. This allows clients to have instant access to the subject, and to become closely involved in the imaging capture work if desired.


360° panoramic images - both aerial and ground-based - are a speciality service for us. Apart from finding them endlessly fascinating, we think they have a real 'wow' factor when viewed online, and in 'virtual reality' environments. There are many uses for these images from surveying and inspection to advertising hotels, bed & breakfasts and real estate. We love them as much as TripAdvisor and Zoopla, and think you will too.

Finally - we're always open to new ways of using aerial imaging technology, so do get in touch if you have a request that's not explicitly covered on this page.


Aerial photography is a core services. Having Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) from the CAA means that we can operate in 'congested areas' to get the images that you need. The CAA defines a 'congested area' as:

'any area of a city, town or settlement which is substantially used for residential, industrial, commercial or recreational purposes'

Only SUA operators with a CAA PfCO can legally work in congested areas (recreational SUA operators are not permitted to be withing 150 metres of one, nor are they allowed to sell any images or video footage they capture).

We can take aerial images at 12 megapixel or 20 megapixel resolution. These can be either single shots, or can be combined in to larger images or panoramas. We can also provide HDR (high dynamic range) images, that combine a number of versions of the same image, taken at different exposure settings by the SUA camera. This is a great way of capturing as much of the detail as possible in situations where there is a large tonal range. We can also capture 360 degree aerial panoramas, but more on than below.

Any images captured can be delivered either unprocessed (as shot), or processed by us to reflect a finished, professional product. 


Aerial videography is another a core service for us. With the SUAs we use, we can shoot 4k video footage at up to 30 frames per second, and HD footage at 60 frames per second. The standard frame rate for footage for broadcast use in the UK is 25 frames per second, which is also possible from the equipment we use. We use Polar Pro filters to ensure each shot is correct exposed whilst keeping the frame rate steady. Such filters are very useful when filming in very bright daylight or full sunshine.


Last year we created a promotional video for Four Seasons Campers, which meant shooting at numerous locations across Scotland, over a number of days and in differing lighting conditions. A variety of camera positions were needed to get the required footage. The final version of the video can be seen by clicking here.

Tracking moving targets is not a problem, and as can be seen in the video we can also do some ground-based filming using a tripod-mounted camera, or a steady-cam gimbal.


If you're looking for more of a finished product, we can do that too. A promotional short film or video (such as the Four Seasons Campers video mentioned above) can be created by us in-house. We use Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 to edit, combine and colour-correct video and still images to make finished videos. The final version can be output in a number of different formats, and can be used on websites, YouTube and individual social media feeds.

For more complex projects, we work with another company called Palindromicals, which is run by Hannah Robinson. Hannah has spent her career in the creative arts. From directing, to script-writing, to making short films, to creating complete animations for her clients - she has done, and can do, it.

We worked with Hannah to create a promotional video for her book 'Secret Edinburgh: An Unusual Guide'. The video was a combination of ground and aerial based filming, directed by Hannah, and filmed by us entirely on location in and around Edinburgh at the end of 2018.


We love 360° panoramic images!

It's a source of never ending fascination for us - whether they're aerial images, or ground-based images, we love them. Aerial 360° images are where this love affair began, but that then spread to capturing ground-based immersive images.


360° images are only now really beginning to become popular. Google initially made them famous with their 'Street View' project, but with the advances made in digital imaging, photograph editing software, and web applications, they are becoming more commonly used.

They have a number of practical applications - promoting popular tourist attractions, advertising rooms for hotels and bed & breakfasts; showing off the true potential of properties for sale; and providing clients with progress updates of construction sites where they can zoom in on specific parts of the image are just four. Facebook automatically recognizes when an image is 360° in nature, and so they can be used by anyone, and viewed on many different kinds of devices to great effect.

Get in touch with us to see some more sample 360° panoramas captured by 330airial.


Aerial surveying used to be the realm of expensive imaging and video captured by an aeroplane, helicopter or even a satellite. Not any more - SUAs are capable of providing the required imaging at a fraction of the historic cost, in a more timely manner. 

We believe that there are many potential uses for this kind of imaging, depending on the specific industry or business for which the images/video are required. Roof surveys are one of the most obvious uses - what used to take several hour (if not days) can now be done in minutes in a cost-conscious, safe way. Any data captured can also be combined by an orthomosaic algorithm to create a 3d model of the target roof/structure.

Aerial surveying extends to assessing crop health in agriculture, and monitoring construction site progress/sub contractor work in the construction industry. It's a developing field, and we're always open to hearing about potential new uses for aerial technology in the surveying sector.


Aerial inspection is closely linked to aerial surveying, but tends to have a more immediate practical requirement attached to it. SUAs can quickly and easily access hard-to-reach places to examine buildings or equipment for damage or wear and tear. The high resolution images and video that SUAs can capture allow for initial issue identification and ongoing monitoring to any repairs carried out, or natural wear and tear over time.


One prominent example of SUAs being used for inspection purposes is to monitor wear on flare stacks in the oil and gas industry. Their flexible aerial nature allows for this kind of inspection to be carried out in a much safer way than traditional ropes and manual inspection. It also has the benefit of reducing/removing shut down time of the asset that is being inspected.

One of the SUAs we use comes with propeller cages, which allow it to operate in narrow or confined spaces without fear of coming in to contact with the surrounding environment, which can have serious repercussions. It also has a lighting rig that can be attached to it, to provide additional illumination in dark or low light environments. 

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